Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Possibilities are Endless

Well I haven't written in a while, but I have a great reason!  Next week we are moving into a new house! It is a cute little cottage type home with a huge sun room, lots of closets, first floor laundry, and an AMAZING kitchen!  I can't wait to get into our new kitchen and start sharing some more of my recipes with you!

I have also been approached by a few people asking for recipes and tips and tricks on how I have started to convert my family into a more healthy eating routine.  I am hoping to start sharing some of these tips, tricks, and recipes with you here while I write and get my ebook published.

I will leave you all with one of my favorite tips.  Invest in a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture.
A CSA is where you buy a share of a farm.  We are purchasing our first share in the spring for next summer.  We are getting a half share, since it's only me and my two guys, and will pick it up every other week.  The farm we are going through also offers an egg share, dairy share, meat share, among others, that you can pick and choose from.  We will most likely add an egg share and possibly their baked goods share to our farm share.  Anyways, back on topic, they go out and pick produce for you and you pick it up later that same day.  It's essentially a grab bag full of freshly picked produce! I am so excited to use this as a tool to introduce produce we would have otherwise over looked at the grocery store.  If you visit www.localharvest.org you can find CSA's near you!  This is great for the environment because it gets you to enjoy locally grown produce instead of produce that has been shipped from other states or countries. Plus I'm sure those farmers won't mind showing off the farm and animals to little kiddos that come help pick up their weekly shares!  This is also a great way to encourage yourself to try out something new in the kitchen, whether it be canning or a new technique.  Either way it will be fun!  We also plan to grown a small vegetable garden in our backyard of things that we eat a lot of; peppers, cukes, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, watermelon, etc.  I might even try to grow potatoes! I have all winter to plan for my garden.

I hope you found this tip helpful! Stay tuned for some more. :)